Our Motto


The School is named "VIVEK" after a house of an ancient Buddhist University in Nalanda . It means discernment, judgement and enlightenment, which are qualities foremost in our minds at the school.

VIVEK HIGH SCHOOL, For more than the last two decades, has progressively marched forward with an undaunted will in the name of education. Amidst our never ending journey, we have strengthened characters, ignited minds and glorified many a future on our way. VIVEK HIGH SCHOOL , where Knowledge imparted, next to virtue truly raises a Vivekite above the ordinary!

‘Vivek’, means the power of discernment. By making innumerable students capable of showing keen insight and good judgement, we have successfully conformed to our motto of Knowledge and Integrity. OUR MOTTO IS"KNOWLEDGE AND INTEGRITY"

Vivekites see themselves as

    • Hardworking, setting high goals and standards.

    • Academically confident.

    • Persistent in their efforts to reach their personal goals

    • Socially co-operative.

    • Able to accept and meet personal responsibilities.

We take pride in these conditions:

  1. Never knowingly injure anyone's feelings, person or property in any manner.

  2. Never to make fun of the old, the poor, the less fortunate and those who are physically challenged.

  3. To respect the religious beliefs of others.

  4. Accept victory or defeat sportingly.

  5. To value courage and endurance, to play fairly and courteously.

  6. To be careful of personal cleanliness and to avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.

  7. To offer help to any unattended visitor whom we may meet on the school premises.

  8. To greet any teacher or visitor who enters or passes through the room in which we are.

  9. To realise that hard, persevering, systematic personal efforts are some of the main ingredients to real success, especially in studies.

  10. To remember that "Please", "Thank you" and "Sorry" are the most beautiful words in the dictionary.

  11. To be conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere, decent and dignified in speech, behaviour and action.