Vivek High School Sector 70 Mohali


It is said that the future lies in the hands of our children. What is as true is the role we as adults, in a school, play in their lives to impart life skills to make them accomplished human beings. The drivers of tomorrow's success will need to possess a high level of cognitive meta-skills and a thinking mindset. It is this lifelong learner and problem solver that we at Vivek High, Mohali strive to foster in all students entrusted to our care. We have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of ensuring their growth through calibrated, focused and engaging stimuli to gear them towards a lifetime of success. Through our age-appropriate, directed activities, our children gain from experiential learning that helps them build the most inexhaustible resource of all human ingenuity. We believe that a holistic approach to child development is incomplete without the mention of importance of sports and community engagement. We encourage students to build self-discipline, communication skills and be empathetic towards the needs of others. All teaching-learning happens around these clear objectives without their losing sight of our sound cultural and societal values. Our students are our biggest asset, and we strive endlessly to facilitate opportunities for them to be the best version of who they can grow up to be. We at Vivek High, Mohali, pride ourselves in our effort to build a team of critical thinkers who enrich the world with their creative and unique perspectives and will become change makers of consequence in the future.

Mrs. Harbina Randhawa, Principal