Vivek High School Sector 70 Mohali


Inside each one of us is a beautiful garden of flowers. This is the garden of our soul.With each lesson we learn, the garden grows. As we learn together, our individual gardens form a tranquil paradise. At Vivek, we strongly believe that every child is a unique creation of the Almighty. We nurture them in a safe but challenging and caring environment. An arena of opportunities provided at Vivek help the students to blossom as important members of society who can face the challenges of life with confidence. By taking part in various activities and keeping a perfect balance with academics, they grow physically strong, mentally stable, intellectually sound, ethically upright and socially
responsible citizens. The teaching methodology and innovative practices like CCQ, IAYP give wings to their thoughts.
Vivekites understand that
“It is their road,
They have to leave a mark.
Others may walk on the road with them,
But no one can walk on the road for them.”
We are so proud and grateful that Vivekites are consistently involved in the
endeavour to evolve as versatile prismatic human beings.
“Fill the brain with high thoughts and high ideals. Place them day and night before
you; and out of that will come great work.” - Swami Vivekanand

Dr. Amarjyoti Chawla
(Officiating Principal)