Vivek High is a co-educational day school accepting students from ages 1½-15. The student teacher ratio is 1: 12.


       Class Strength

       Class IV  - 87 

       Class V  -  98 

       Class VI  -  80 

       Class VII  -  83

       Class VIII  -  69

       Class IX  -  93

       Class X  -  94

The school organizes its curriculum in a 5 dayweek, to enable a broader curriculum to be taught and to provide a variety for students. An annual calendar is issued to students and     parents which relates term breaks, holidays, festivals, non instructional days, vacations, annual events, house activities and competitions.

The student diary forms a principal means of communication between parents and teachers. Parents must sign the diary every day and on receipt of circulars. It also contains the  school rules and code of conduct. Information about the school uniform and other additional information can also be had from the diary. Parents shouldrecord in the diary such  things as:

•  Explanation for incomplete homework
•  Reason for inappropriate uniform, missing class, absence from school etc.
•  Permission for appointments, school excursions etc.
   Teachers will use the diary to indicate areas of achievement by students as well as issues of concern, homework issues, detentions etc.

  The academic curriculum of the school is split up into 2 terms to coincide and conclude with vacations. These are:
  April- September
  October  March

The school publishes a quarterly newsletter named ˜Vivek Hi and an annual year book". ˜Vivek Hi" news letter provides information of school events, student achievements,  upcoming events, outdoor activity and other highlights. The year book is a reflection of the whole years activities, class profiles, highlights etc.In addition, Vivek High School proudly   publishes English text books for Nursery and Kindergarten written by staff members

There are regular interactions between parents and teachers in every term. At the beginning of the school session there are orientation meetings to acquaint the parents with the    work plan for the year and proposed student activities. Student assessment cards are given out by teachers and areas of concern are discussed. Apart from this, parents can use  the school diary to make appointments with teachers with atleast 2 days notice, at any time during working days.

Academic Integrity is of paramount importance to a student's development. The school operates on a basis of trust on the assumption that its students will be strong enough to avoid opportunities to be dishonest. Students who do not attain a pass percentage of 50 in every subject will not be promoted to the next class.