The counsellors at Vivek High aim at looking forward to a progressive year ahead with an opportunity to give our children a good foundation with a team of four counsellors linking the childs present and future . The aim of the counselling department is to bridge the gap between different areas of education. The counselling department is available throughout the year to the children for individual counselling which may be:

1. Initiated by the parents

2. Referred by the teachers
3. Need base of the students

Alongwith the specific roles , all the counsellors conduct the personality development classes, as a regular feature .These classes help children develop in basic life skills and knowledge, creativity , ability to think and reason logically , being sensitive to others and grow up as worthy and sensible citizens



The special education cell caters to the special needs of the students who need support and sensitized approach in handling academics, behavioural and various other aspects.

Once the screening is done, if need be, the special educators refer the child to the government institution for a complete psycho educational assessment so that the child can be guided in a way which would prove beneficial for his further progress.

Special educators have been handling the cases of dyslexia (specific Learning Disability), Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia (writing Disorder), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and autism. These students are availing various concessions and exemptions according to their specific needs nad CBSE guidelines.

Certain parameters have been set for the internal and the CBSE concessions to be available for the students who have been diagnosed with learning disorder and autism.


The concessions and facilities for students with special needs help them feel more confident of themselves in the mainstream education.