Thematic Assembly

The Thematic Assemblies provide a platform to the students to perform in front of an audience on the topics learnt in the class. A concept unique to our school, the thematic assemblies are performed by the Junior wing students. Their parents are invited to the assembly which makes them even more special. The work done in the class as a part of learning the selected topic is put on display.  
Class assemblies are conducted every morning in our school based on the topics varying from subject related ones to the ones highlighting moral values and current topics. These performances give a chance to each student to come up and address an audience henceforth shedding their inhibitions. Our students look forward to their turn to take on the stage with aplomb! It not only instills confidence in the students, it also helps them to learn the topic well.

Students at Vivek High celebrated 71st Independence Day. A skit on ‘Unity in Diversity’ was portrayed with a flair of uniqueness !!!It was in the form of a 'MIME 'where a student who was 'Multani mitti - coated ' to give the appearance of a heap of clay- was reshaped by other students portraying representatives of different religions , as their perception of God . A student as Mahatma Gandhi's  made them realize that it wasn't religion but the love for one's country that is its strength. Through not a word was spoken , the message conveyed was loud & clear ......that Unity and National Integration was the universal goal of our Freedom Fighters for which they had laid down their lives.