International Service Project : Peru
Building a Greenhouse for Vegetable, in a Village
  1. Gurseerat Brar
  2. Apurv Gupta
Service Project : Katapathar 2

An International Round Square service project was organised by the Doon School in Katapathar (near Dehradun) from 8th December 2012 to 22nd December 2012. A total of 21 particiapnts and 8 adults from eight different countries including India, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Peru, United Kingdom and Canada were a part of this project. The students, during their project, helped to develop infrastructure in the Maharaj Kumar Jagut Shamshere Memorial School, Katapathar. They built four toilets and urinals, two each for girls and boys in the school. The soak pit was made using nearby stones and without using cement mortar for plastering and hence its expected life is at least 20 years. A retaining wall was also constructed to strengthen the entire building. A playground with equipment, a sandpit and a chain link fence enclosure for the safety of children was also constructed by the students. A jungle gym and a pair of swings were purchased from the contributions from students of St Phillips College, Alice Spring, Australia. A total of 11 tables and 44 chairs were made using environmental friendly and cost-effective techniques which were painted entirely by the Round Square team. The electrification and earthing of the entire school building was also done by the team.The team also established a computer centre with six computers and a networking system.  

Shashank Iyer and Amrinder Singh represented our school in this project.

Ude Pratap Singh Sandhu and Aashna Aggarwal, participated in the Round Square International Service Project being held in Baisoara,Cluj-Napoca Romania, for the first time ever, from July 10 to August 2. A total of 16 participants and 3 adults from different countries including India, Thailand, Peru, USA, Canada and Jordan were a part of the project. After the first day of introductions and familiarizing ourselves with the group, we began our journey to the goal that had been put forth for us. Our primary task was to construct a center where the local youth can meet, study, work and play. The group also worked on other small projects during their stay like repairing a stonewall at one of the schools and building a football field at the campsite itself. During the mid-project break, the team also got the opportunity to attend the mayor’s daughter’s wedding. After the Project, the group embarked on a 3 to 4-day hiking phase in the Retezat Mountains described as “one of the most interested and beautiful massifs in the Romanian Carpathians.” We climbed peaks of around 2,500 m and saw beautiful glacier lakes. After the hike at the end of the project, the team enjoyed a few days of touring around Sighisoara, Bran and Sibiu, some popular tourist attractions in Romania. These areas are home to medieval citadels, castles and Saxon villages, and are truly beautiful. The way of life in these places hasn’t changed in centuries, and some are home to the famous legend of Vlad Dracula!

Round Square International Service Project, Ladakh (July 9 to August 2), took us on a meaningful adventure as we built dormitories for the school children at Lamdon Model School, Thiksey. Students from Britain, Canada, Germany, India, Peru and the USA were a part of this project. Neymat Chadha and Jansher Waraich, represented Vivek High School. We worked rigorously in adverse conditions. We picked up bricks, sawed wood, carried logs of wood and buckets of mud to build the dormitory. We took short trips to local sites and trekked up to the height of 5,400 meters. This trip was a really enriching experience and I would encourage more students to be a part of Round Square.