Equipped with the idea of 'Service, where Service is most needed', the students of Vivek High reach out to others through compassion, peace and a 'healing touch'.

Service in Vivek High is based on the belief that members of a community have a responsibility towards each other and that voluntary help should be given as and when required to those in need. Nowhere can service be more eloquent and more compelling than in a community where human relationships are of paramount importance.

Life in the Indian Slums is tough for millions of young people who do not attend school and who are deprived of the basic necessities of life. For some, this is their choice but for the vast majority the circumstances have forced them to remain illiterate. The trauma and fear that many of these children face is unimaginable to us. Vivek has created a platform for the under-privileged kids of Janta Colony Sector 25, Chandigarh, by adopting PUSTAK (a school for the under-privileged) where such children study, play and dream of better days and happier times.

Vivek High students helped in the construction of a classroom, a kitchenette and a store in this colony. Approximately 150 children attend this school daily. From class I upwards all the students are actively involved in extending a helping hand to the PUSTAK school. The young ones from class I to VI collect toys, clothes, books, stationery etc. that are sent to PUSTAK on a regular basis. Every Tuesday class VII upwards, one class goes to PUSTAK to conduct art and craft workshop, sports events, and celebrate festivals with them. Their Annual Sports day is organized by our students on the Vivek High Play Field. Maintenance of the structure, regular supply of stationery, sports equipments and emergency requirements is the responsibility of the students of Vivek High.

Our students also extend their service to the PGI (Local Hospital's Pediatrics Department) by livening up the lives of the sick children by painting murals in the corridors and putting up entertainment programs occasionally. The entire department is decorated to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.