Vivek High is a school, where education implies more than just the imparting of knowledge. It is about growing up and finding the experiences that will develop strength of Character, dignity, decency and a passion for life.
The education of the "whole" student has been a key feature and strength of Vivek High School, since inception in 1984. We remain committed to an education that focuses on individual development where every student is encouraged to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. In offering a vast range of activities there is a fundamental belief at Vivek High that every student can and deserves to experience the kind of success that promotes self-esteem, purpose in life and the confidence to tackle new challenges. Whether it be through music drama, sports, service or adventure activities, it is the endeavour of the school to help find and support each students involvement in worthwhile and personally important endeavours.

The essence of Vivek High's philosophy is embedded in its name "VIVEK" and the school's motto "KNOWLEDGE and INTEGRITY". Vivek is a Sanskrit word that means the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, and having the Knowledge to use this ability judiciously and with Integrity.

Mrs. P. K. Singh