1. Parents and Guardians of students, having already signed Admission Forms and agreeing to observe the rules of the School, should understand that they cannot dictate to the School Authorities on matters of policy, on condition of admission or continuance in School of any student.

2. The School expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure that :
a) The children come to School regularly and punctually,dressed neatly and correctly .
b)The children bring to School their books and note-books which should be properly maintained.
c) The children prepare their lessons and do their home work regularly.
Homework is defined as additional needed preparation in a given subject,area. Such assignments provide essential practice in needed skills, alongwith enriching & enhancing school experiences. Home work encourages responsibility, gives practice in developing good work habits and affords opportunities for increasing self-direction and learning how to budget time wisely.

3. They are also expected to co-operate with the School Authorities by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School. In particular, they are understood to have entrusted the Principal with authority to correct and punish their children at her discretion.

4. Parents are informed that their children may be sent home
a) For arriving late without a valid reason for which they must carry a note from the parent.
b) For not wearing the correct uniform.

5. Children should not buy eatables from any street vendor.

6. Parents are requested to see that the attendants who take their children to or from school do not remain on the school premises longer than is necessary. They should come only at the appointed time.

7. Parents should not forget to provide their specimen signatures in the School Diary.

8. Parents are specially requested to notify the school immediately if there is anychange in their address, telephone number, or emergency contact person.

9. Students are prohibited from bringing mobile/cellular phones or any other electronic gadgets to the School. The confiscated instrument will be returned only to the parent at the end of the academic session.

10. Students should get their report cards duly signed by their parents or guardians within five days of their receipt. In case of loss of report card, a duplicate one will be issued only after a payment of Rs. 100/- as fine.

11. Misbehaviour in the bus, violence in school individually or in a group and damage to property is considered a major disciplinary violation. Reports of violence in any form in or out of the school shall result in the rustication of the pupil concerned.

12. Bullying, use of foul language and carrying objectionable material are punishable offences.

13. While the Management is always aware of safety precautions and takes them, it is still a fact that in the best run houses and in the safest places, things can go wrong. It must be understood that parents/guardians entrust their children/wards with the school staff at their own risk and the Management will at no time be held liable, in case of unavoidable, or unexplainable accidents arising from malafide behaviour of the students in its care.

14. This applies not only to the school premises but also on the streets,picnics, camps,holiday excursions, etc.

15. When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters the name, the class and section of their children.

16. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or the teachers, during school hours without the permission of the Principal in the Senior Wing, and Head of the Junior Wing in the Junior Wing. Members of the Staff should be seen preferably in their free periods. An appointment with a member of the staff should be made before hand.

17. Messages for teachers or students may be given to the School Office/receptionist who will be glad to pass it on. Only in an emergency, will a teacher or student be called to the telephone during school hours.

18. All letters/correspondence addressed to the pupils are subject to scrutiny by the Principal.

19. Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into the class rooms or meet the teachers during class hours.

20. Whenever school authorities invite parents for meetings e.g. Class Counselling meetings, please ensure that you attend the meetings regularly and on time, in the interest of your ward.

21. Parents are requested not to allow valuables to be brought to School. The School does not take responsibility for the same. Further, the school will not be held responsible in any way for the loss of any personal property. Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery in School. If they are found doing so, it will be confiscated. (Wearing nail varnish is not permitted in school). Colouring/Streaking of hair or using hair gel in School is not permitted. Boys with short hair are required to have a crew cut only. Girls with hair longer than shoulder length are to tie it up in a ponytail or plait it. Fancy hair clips/bands are not allowed.

22. All articles found on the School premises will be placed in the Lost and Found Box.Students may claim these before and after school hours. Please label all items of clothing belonging to your child so that they may be returned if lost or misplaced.All articles not claimed are given to a charitable institution before the summer and winter holidays.

23. Students are not allowed to receive visitors or to make phone calls during class hours. In case of an emergency the class teacher will contact the parents / guardians on telephone.

24. Students accompanying parents for Parent Teacher Meetings must come to school dressed in correct school uniform.

25. MEDICAL : In case of any accident or emergency during the school hours, parents will be informed at once and First Aid will be administered by the qualified Nurse in the School infirmary. If there is a delay in the parents coming to the school, the child will be taken to
(i) For our Chandigarh Branch : The PGI EMERGENCY Tel. No. 2756565 or SANTOKH NURSING HOME, SECTOR 38A, CHD. Tel. No. : 2691846, 2636246,93160-59846,
(ii) For our Mohali Branch : IVY Hospital, Sector 71, Mohali, Ph: 0172-5044333,5044344. Treatment will be given and the bill forwarded to the parent.

26. A medical certificate certified by a medical practitioner should be sent to the Class Teacher within 3 days of absence if medical leave is to be availed.

27. If a student is likely to be absent due to illness for a long period the Principal must be informed as soon as possible. (Parents should inform the school of any recurring or persistent medical problem of their ward).

28. In case of an infectious disease, parents should report the fact to the Principal at once and should not send the student to class till the danger of infection has passed(This applies mainly to Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Whooping Cough,Conjunctivitis). Parents are requested to inform the school if the child is allergic to any medication.

29. Students who have any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the school unless they bring a doctor's certificate stating that the period of quarantine is over.

NOTE: Please note that the school maintains a general student profile for each student in the school. This reflects his/her achievements, academic records, meetings with parents, counsellors/ class teacher’s observation, absences and other relevant information.