A school programme made possible by the parent community at Vivek High

In June 2012, 21 students from Grades 11 and 12 successfully completed their job shadowing experience.

Job shadowing is an international concept of student apprenticeship at the school level which has come to us from St. Stithians School in South Africa where a student of Vivek had gone for an exchange. This experience provides young students, who are on the threshold of making career choices, an opportunity to observe, understand and assimilate professional ethics. It seeks to give students hands-on experience of working with professionals in their respective fields. The programme also helps students to understand the expectations of a profession and also whether they are equipped for the challenges that await them in life. This dynamic, experiential programme teaches students the value of hard work, time management, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, enterprise, professional conduct, discipline and commitment….just to name a few skills.

One of the major areas of focus in this programme was to offer our students good professional platforms. It was indeed a great opportunity for parents to partner by providing safe and secure avenues of apprenticeship for students. We thank all the parents who offered their work establishments for this programme this year and we hope that in the years to come this programme will now only grow but also prove to be a great school-parent partnership.