Increasingly, the world over, it is becoming the responsibility of the school to equip itself to meet the needs of the children with special needs.

In its constant endeavour to fulfill its responsibility as an educational institution, Vivek has tried to ensure a place for children who are different, and have different needs. These children deserve to be loved, nurtured and above all accepted by all.

Towards this cause, Vivek runs a centre, ‘Jagriti’ that caters to the academic and social needs of children with special needs. The focus is to create an atmosphere that is happy and stress free, where children feel comfortable, where their abilities are not questioned, rather, where each child becomes confident and is helped to realize his potential such that his transition from school to the ‘real’ world becomes a pleasant continuum.

The concentre of activities is on improving social, communication, cognitive, language, self-help, pre-academic and academic skills, decreasing unwanted behaviour as well as increasing the concentration and attention span of these students.

Children are encouraged and helped to spend as much time as possible in the regular classroom of Vivek High School.

Parental involvement is of paramount importance as parents and educators are equal partners in ensuring the child’s holistic development. Parents are encouraged to spend time at Jagriti. This helps parents gain a better understanding of the methods used and replicate the same at home.

The age of students seeking admission should be 3+ and the center is open Monday through Friday (9 am – 1 pm).

The student –educator ratio is four students to one educator.