Mission & Vision
The School is named "VIVEK" after a house of an ancient Buddhist University in Nalanda . It means discernment, judgement and enlightenment, which are qualities foremost in our minds at school. VIVEK HIGH , over the last two decades, has progressively marched forward with an undaunted will in the name of education. Amidst our never ending journey, we have strengthened characters, ignited minds and glorified many a future. At VIVEK HIGH , Knowledge is imparted next to virtue, and this truly raises a Vivekite above the ordinary! ‘Vivek’, means the power of discernment. By making innumerable students capable of showing keen insight and good judgement, we have successfully conformed to our motto of Knowledge and Integrity.
The School
Vivek High School was established on April 04, 1984 and is being run under the auspices of the Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust, which has been in existence since November 30, 1974.
The school is co-educational and the medium of instruction is English. Within a year of its inception,the school was affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi . Since the inception of the school in April 1984, the total number of students has grown from 58 to 1678 and the teaching faculty is of 120 Staff Members. We pride ourselves in producing young adults who have social awareness and leadership qualities.
We have restricted numbers in the classroom and try to cater to individual needs of the student. Community service is an essential part of the curriculum, in which awareness of India's rich Indian culture is consciously developed. This has to be achieved without sacrificing academic excellence, which is not always easy, but it is what the school stands for.