A concerted effort by a group of Ex Vivekites intent upon keeping alive ties with their Alma Mater saw the rebirth of EVA- The Ex Vivekites Association in September 2004.

The EVA Motto –”REACH OUT ”

EVA’s vision is to establish an expansive yet cohesive fabric weaving together individuals who may be in different corners of the globe but are bound by a common past and carry within them the Vivek flame of Knowledge and integrity. Once the EVA family is established no Vivekite need ever feel alone.No matter which part of the world you find yourself in you will be able to Reach Out to another Vivekite in times of need or simly to connect. EVA’s Caretaker –THE EVA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

To nurture and give direction to EVA during the first two years of it’s inception the following members have been appointed based upon their drive and commitment to EVS’s cause :

Summit Passi -President
Anoop Anand -Vice President
Suvrat Khanna - Secretary
Veshal Gupta -Treasurer
Nitin Aggrawal - Treasurer
Varun Rao -Executive Member
Tanisha Bedi - Executive Member
Karan Thakur - Executive Member
Bharatveer Kapoor - Executive Member
Kartik Tayal - Executive Member