Every student in Vivek High School is expected to abide by a single guiding principle to facilitate the school community to work in a respectful, secure and happy environment, which will assist the pupils to realise their potential.

We should act with consideration and courtesy to others at all times Accepting this principle means that :

We will listen and try to understand other people's points of view.

Every action in company ought to be with respect to those present.

We will understand that our recreations should not be detrimental to the overall interest of the institution.

We will make it as easy as possible for pupils to learn and teachers to teach. This means being punctual, having everything we need for our lessons, following instructions, working hard and ensuring that classes are held in an orderly fashion.

We will move in an orderly manner about the school, so as to maintain a healthy,safe and pleasant environment.

We will always wish visitors on the premises so that they feel welcome and we feel proud.

If we undertake to perform in any event of significance to the school ,we will ensure to keep our promise .

We will speak politely and without offensive language to everyone and try to remain calm even when we feel angry and misunderstood.

In writing or speaking we would give to every person his due title according to his degree and the custom of the institution.

We will understand that example is more prevalent than precept.

We will remain silent in class and await permission to express a point of view.

We will keep the school clean and tidy .This means putting all litter in bins, keeping walls and furniture clean and undamaged and taking care of all displays.

We will understand and uphold the spirit of camaraderie and 'esprit de corps' in the interest of the school.

We have the right to freedom from bullying and responsibility not to bully. We will be alert to see that bullying is not encouraged and under no circumstances partake in it. We will not call people names or poke fun at them in a way which makes them feel humiliated.